The Town Turkey is a charming children’s story about a little turkey who unexpectedly drops into town.

When a little turkey appears on a busy street corner, the whole town falls in love and makes him one of its own. This sweet, funny story about a community coming together will make your heart sing. Clever cartoon illustrations make this book a winner for adults and children alike! Based on the heartfelt and true story of the Lake Bluff Town Turkey.

Comments about The Town Turkey:

“A unique and charmingly told story with great appeal.” 

             Donna Williams, Head of Youth Services, Lake Bluff Library

“I cannot tell you enough how amazing this book is. I loved reading it and the ending almost did bring a happy tear. The combination of story and artwork is so in synch and so captivating that I know you will have a very successful run with this book. It will build a following and will get noticed and will eventually be a great holiday book that will get prominent placement in that pre-thanksgiving holiday hype. Soon you will have a cartoon version like the Grinch that will air every year on TV. And it all started with a real turkey who showed up and inspired you.”

              Dan Witz, Middle School Language Arts Teacher

“It is amazing what inspires a community to come together. This whimsical and heartfelt story will be enjoyed by children – at home and in the classroom – year after year after year.”

              Misty Bell, Elementary School Teacher


The Town Turkey is written by Catherine Driscoll and illustrated by Jeffrey Wood. Jeff and Catherine are childhood friends; The Town Turkey is their first collaboration.

Copyright 2010 by Catherine Driscoll                                                             

All rights reserved.